Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cold Wars 12: Memoir 44 games at Lancaster PA

Operation Olympic background.
Background. Operation Olympic was the first part of the Invasion of Japan planned for 1 NOV 45. Plans were well advanced with forces and materiel being forward deployed when the Japanese surrendered in August '45. The U.S. 6th Army was assigned the task of taking the southern portion of the Japanese island of Kyushu, the last stepping stone before invading the main island of Honshu in the Spring of '46. In July and August prior to the end of WW2 U.S. intelligence had determined that Kyushu would have many more Japanese Divisions than previously known. There would be an almost 1:1 ratio between the Allied assault force and the island defenders - hardly a recipe for success. Post war interviews found that the Japanese had figured out the Allied next logical invasion area and were in the midst of preparing Kyushu for a supreme suicidal showdown to bleed the assault white. Thousands of aircraft and their pilots were waiting to kamikaze into carrier decks and troop ships as the invasion fleet neared. At this stage in the war Japan only had submarines and small surface craft left from its once proud Navy and were creating small speed boat sized craft with explosives strapped to their bows - again the intended targets were the Allied troop transports. The Japanese situation on the ground was grim. The Army was starved of fuel, ammo and equipment thanks to the incessant bombing of the U.S. B-29s and successful submarine blockade of all shipping to Japan. Many Tokko 'Special Attack' units were created from the peasantry and poorly armed militias. The battle for Ariake Wan was, for both sides, going to be the defacto main effort of the largest amphibious assault in history. U.S. success in the Ariake area would unhinge any Japanese reinforcements, isolate the forward defenders and ensure the success of landings at other invasion beaches.

Culminating clash of armor during the battle of Kursk in 1943 between the German vanguard of the SS Panzer Corps and the Russian 5th Guards Tank Army. Participate in one of the largest tank battles of WW2!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Epic Battlelore: Recon 09

I had the opportunity to play in the Epic version of Richard Borg's Battlelore game at Recon. It was a blast. Fast paced and full of action and decision making for all players.

The game pitted my newly rebased fantasy figures from Ral Partha, Demonworld and Black Raven Foundry in a basic good vs evil fight.

The Alliance of Imperials, Elves and Dwarves had drawn up along a narrow stream in order to block an invading horde of Orcs Undead and Lizardmen. The evil side had to cross the river and exit units off the opposite side to gain Victory Points or could just opt to destroy their opponents. Both sides had to achieve 10 Victory Points to win.

Richard presiding over the Battlelore Epic Game

View from the Imperial Alliance side - Elven Longbow anchor a formidible defensive position which would prove itself in the upcoming game.

Another shot of the Imperial side

My meager forces early in the game - a mix of Orcs, mounted and foot, surge to the slaughter

Orcs on wargs shelter in the woods - can't remember if this was before or after the "Darken the Skies" card was played by the Imperials allowing all missile armed troops to fire twice along their entire line. My worst nightmare played out - Elven longbows and heavy crossbows shredded our first wave as they tried to come to grips with their opponents.

First wave of Orcs stall at the river. Units that are shown with just one stand are very brittle and if destroyed count towards your opponent's Victory Points.

Ahh yes the infamous mystery wall - or as I call it the Vortex (or Borg-tex). This thing was absent-mindedly left on the table during setup but proved to be a rather thorny item to contend with. The rules basically were that if a unit was adjacent to it or occupied the hex with the wall in it a random event could occur. The ones I remember were all bad - but very amusing as both sides attempted to maneuver around it after losing stands to it. This shot also shows some of my Undead figures from Ral Partha and Demonworld.

Turning point? Orcs finally force a crossing and have the opportunity to race to the table edge. About this time a HUGE card was played by our not so benevolent leader and 3rd level Necromancer - Pat. This was the Chain Lightning spell - it was awesome and chewed up many units of the Alliance. Unfortunately it did not do enough to prevent our rout by the Alliance.

Wargs and Heavy Foot surge towards Imperial Knights late in the game

This picture shows the confused setting on my flank near end game. The Alliance committed the dastardly act of attacking the attackers and with my forces scattered and out of position it basically sealed the game for them.

Game winning shot. George "House of Death" Carson's Longbow equipped Elves decimate the lone Orc skirmisher on the left flank and thus ending the game.

Even if the left flank had held the right was in trouble too for my side as shown below. In the water hex a unit of Lizardmen can be seen, however a unit of Imperial Heavy Pike, Medium Foot and a Heavy Dwarven Foot unit are also lined up. No where to run for my guys!
In short this game rocks. It has infinite possibilities and will definitely be run again at Hurricon in the fall.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recon 09: Victoriana 1882

Photos showing 54mm figures to be used in the upcoming Victoriana 1882 game at Recon 09 in Florida

Monday, September 29, 2008

Shako II photos from the game at Hurricon

Hurricon 08 Shako II game

Game was designed as an introductory session to the new version of the Shako rule set for the wars of Napoleon.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

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